Pilates for beginners | Reasons to start Pilates today

Pilates for beginners | Reasons to start Pilates today

At Flavours we have known the great benefits of Pilates for beginners but not everyone is yet convinced. What can I expect from it? What are the long-term benefits? Who can do Pilates? These are just a few questions one might ask when thinking about a new workout routine. Be assured: with our Pilates holidays in Italy, we have successfully converted many people from beginners into real Pilates fanatics and here are ten reasons why!

1. Pilates decreases stress levels & boosts your energy levels

Pilates for beginners class in a beautiful Italian villa by the pool
Pilates exercises get the circulation and the breath moving while spine exercises increase the blood flow. This way, your body will be provided with more oxygen while getting rid of bad air. As a result, your stress levels will decrease and you will feel energised and full of power all day long. Another benefit to add to your list: releasing stress hormones will help you sleep better at night! This is why we encourage ‘Pilates for beginners’ courses to people looking for an effective way to workout.

2. Great way to recover from injuries

a group of people doing Pilates by a pool
Unlike other exercises, Pilates is very gentle on your joints and the movements are low stress on the back. Therefore, Pilates for beginners is a perfect exercise for anyone who wants to recover from injuries and would like to get fit in a safe and healthy way without using too much of your energy.

3. Complete body exercises

Ladies outdoors lying on their Pilates mat
Carrying out Pilates exercises, you can be sure that you are training all parts of your body. Unlike other work-outs, Pilates does not overdo one part of your body while neglecting others. That’s why it’s so popular amongst fitness beginners as well as professional athletes. You can find out what celebrities have Pilates in their workout routine by reading one of our previous blogs.

4. Pilates is not just for body but also for mind

Ladies on the beach doing a Pilates exercise
With complete coordination of body, mind and spirit, you practice Pilates with full attention. What does that mean you think? Well, the exercises are designed to unite your body and mind through its six Pilates principles: Breath, centring, coordination, concentration, precision, control and flow. Pilates for beginners may seem very similar to yoga with all the focus on your breathing during the exercises; however, the two sports do have many differences.

5. Pilates improves your posture

Stretching out by the poolside in Italy
Pilates focuses on improving your core strength which is the main foundation for a healthy and elegant posture. Bonus effect: it also stretches your muscles which will make you look a few inches taller! Check ou these ladies on their Pilates holiday in Italy stretching out by the pool!

6. Tones your muscles and improves your flexibility

Pilates material sat by the poolside ready for a class
Instead of lifting heavy weights in the gym, your body will be naturally toned through Pilates as the only weight you have to lift is your own body. Adding muscles to your body will also increase your metabolism which, then again, burns some extra calories for you! Who knew there were so many benefits to a Pilates workout?!

7. Meet great people

Ladies stretching their legs with a Pilates band
Besides the great health benefits, Pilates is also wonderful for anyone who wants to socialise and meet people. Going on a Pilates holiday in Italy you will have the chance to exercise with co-travellers and get to know them over a delicious dinner and some glasses of Italian wine. The best setting to make new friendships!

8. Easy way of exercise

A group of ladies exercising in a traditional villa in Italy
Pilates is a work out that allows you to vary exercises just as much as locations. As it doesn’t involve heavy, fancy equipment you are not bound to any one location. When the holiday is over, a simple mat and comfy clothes are all you need for continuing Pilates at home.

9. Pilates is for everyone

People enjoying their workout in the sun
It does not matter what age or fitness level you are at. Pilates is for everyone! The way it is set up makes it accessible for everyone and the different exercises can be tailored around individual needs. You can always find Pilates for beginners classes, whether that be online or in your local gym. A great way to socialise as well as workout!

10. Just have fun!

Working out next to the poolside in the Italian sun
The last and probably the most important reason why you should start Pilates is just to have fun. Pilates makes you feel better while you get the chance to meet exciting, new people. So, take the plunge and just have fun with it.

Will you join a Pilates for beginners class?

The above list could go on forever and the reasons why you should start Pilates are endless. So, if you can see the benefits of the exercise and are looking for a healthy and relaxing break from your every day routine, a Pilates holiday in Italy will be the perfect way to start.

Our qualified Pilates teachers will make sure that you will get the most out of your Pilates courses whilst our hosts and lovely chefs will spoil you with Italian culinary highlights. So, whether you’re experienced in Pilates or not: our courses in Sicily, Tuscany and Puglia, under the Italian sun and beautiful settings will get you into the right mindset to relax both body and mind.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

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