Useful Italian Phrases: part two

Welcome to part two of our useful Italian phrases guide. Part one covered Italian phrases for meet and greet and useful phrases for permissions, inquiries and requests. Today we’ll be looking at more common phrases you would need to know before travelling to Italy.

Useful phrases for interacting with hotel staff/ shop keepers/cinema staff etc.

  • Ho una prenotazione (I have a booking)
  • Abbiamo una prenotazione (we have a booking)
  • Vorrei qualcosa da mangiare       (I would like something to eat)
  • Vorrei qualcosa da bere      (I would like something to drink)
  • Sono allergico a…   (I am allergic to…)
  • Accettate carte di credito? (Do you accept credit cards?)
  • Prescrizione / ricetta           (Prescription)
  • Posso pagare al check-out?         (May I pay at check-out?)
  • Il conto, per favore.              (Check please.)
  • C’è la connessione ad internet    (Is there internet connection)
  • Quanto costa?       (How much does it cost?)
  • Quanto costa questo? (How much does this cost?)

Important places and directions

 Polizia / Carabinieri Police
 Taxi Taxi
 Fermata dell’autobus Bus stop
 Aeroporto Airport
 Stazione Train station
 Farmacia Pharmacy
 Medico Doctor
 Albergo / Hotel Hotel
Dolore Pain
Vesciche Blisters
 Supermercato Food store
 Negozio Shop
 Ospedale Hospital
 Pronto soccorso Emergency room
 Museo Museum
 Biglietteria Ticket desk
 Guida turistica Guidebook
 Visita guidata Guided tour
 Orario di apertura Opening time
 Spingere Push (a door)
 Tirare Pull (a door)
Dove posso lasciare la mia borsa?  Where can..leave..bag?
 Vai via!  Go away!
 Nord North
 Sud  South
  Est East
  Ovest  West

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