Beginners Watercolour Painting Holidays in Italy & Spain

Our Painting Holidays in Italy & Spain are ideal for beginners and budding artists starting their artistic journey.

Whether you’re an old hand at it or completely new to it, a painting holiday can be enjoyed by everyone. Italy is the idealistic location to start your artistic journey, with breathtaking landscapes that you can capture in your paintings. Our tutors are on-hand and there to encourage you to express your creativity while you learn techniques along the course of your week-long art holiday.

Italy gives you the perfect inspiration for you to indulge in your creative side. Find everything you love about Italy, from beautiful views, renaissance towns, stunning light to authentic food and wines – a painting beginners course in Italy is the perfect way to learn the techniques behind the art of painting!

Our week-long watercolour painting courses with inspiring painting tutors will teach you the basics of colour, composition and technique whilst enjoying Italy’s gorgeous scenery.


What's included in your week-long beginners painting holiday?

Flavours all-inclusive holidays include everything you need for your beginners painting holiday. Once you’ve paid and booked flights, there’s nothing else to worry about or pay for.

  • Painting tuition with our inspiring tutors
  • Excursions to local towns to sketch and enjoy local food
  • All meals and wine
  • Private, en-suite accommodation in our beautiful private villas
  • Private transport throughout your stay

Where do you want to paint in watercolours?

Here at Flavours holidays, we offer holidays across Italy and Spain. It’s all down to you to decide which scenery you will be capturing in your paintings. Will it be the stunning sea views of the famous Puglia and Amalfi, the historic sites of Sicily to the rolling hill tops of Tuscany or ancient streets of Venice. Or is it the Spanish views in Andalusia or Seville that take your fancy? Choose one of our inspiring destinations to have your beginners painting course!

Painting in Venice -

Historic and beautiful Venice is the perfect place for a painting holiday in Italy. Let the splendour of Venetian canals, bridges and baroque architecture inspire you. Venice is a city surrounded by water and the medium of watercolour can really help you to capture the fluidity of the city.  Find out more.

Venice painting

Painting in Sicily -

Sicily is an island of contrasts – from fertile volcanic land, ancient and arid ruins to baroque style architecture, it offers beautiful compositions for painters. Its stunning location in the middle of the Mediterranean means it is blessed with good weather, ideal for painting outside, and our experienced painting tutors will always guide you to the best painting spots. Find out more.

Painting in Sicily

Painting in Puglia -

Nicknamed the heel of Italy, Puglia, in Italy’s warm south, offers a charming laid-back atmosphere. The sun-baked land is dotted with fortified castles and whitewashed trulli.Capture Puglia’s unique scenery, from ancient olive trees, to turquoise sea-views and dramatic towns. Find out more.

Painting in Puglia

Painting in Amalfi -

Our cliffside villas have breathtaking views over the sea which will inspire any painter. Enjoy a week filled with painting spectacular views, quaint fishing villages and lemon groves. No matter your level, come back with paintings of Amalfi to be proud of. Find out more.

Painting in Amalfi

Painting in Tuscany -

Tuscany is world famous for hearty food, rich culture and stunning landscapes, making it the ideal location for a painting holiday. Take your time to scan the landscape for the perfect composition, capture the details of beautiful local villages, and visit historic cities. Find out more.

Painting in Tuscany